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ASE Master Certified Technicians

Family owned and operated, Ambler Tire & Auto Service has served the Ambler area since 1982. Our shop is Ambler’s expert Bosch approved auto repair shop, so you can trust that your car is in good hands. We can fill all of your vehicle needs from maintenance, tire service, state inspections, emissions testing, TPMS monitoring, check engine light diagnosis, programming keys, module coding and programming, and much more. We are ASE master and L1 certified with the latest in diagnostic and factory dealer level equipment. Our technicians stay up to date with latest in automotive technology and training so we can fix your car or truck right the first time.


Environmentally Friendly Service & Practices

Over the past decade, the number of hybrid vehicles on the road has become much more common. With that increase there has been an increase in the demand for technicians that are trained in all hybrid services. Ambler Tire & Auto Service technicians are well-trained and experienced in providing quality hybrid repairs and maintenance services. Bring your hybrid to our experts and we’ll ensure you maintain efficiency and durability. We have also successfully completed training in best practices for mobile air conditioning service and repair. We strive to help protect the environment with all of our services.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

If a warning light appears on your dashboard, bring your car to us. We have the diagnostic skill and equipment to run an accurate and complete test on all your cars computers and software to properly and safely repair today’s very complex automobiles.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Almost all cars today have a tire pressure monitoring system. These systems are in vehicles for your safety because an under or over inflated tire can be dangerous and give you poor gas mileage. We have the tooling to repair all tire light problems.

Vehicle Stability Systems

Cars have been required to have stability control since the 2012 model years, and manufacturers have been using stability control even before then. Most vehicles require some adjustment or calibration after suspension or alignments, and our technicians at Ambler Tire & Auto Service make sure this is done to keep you safe on the road.


Module Programming & Coding

As cars become more and more dependent upon technology, it is important that automotive technicians stay up-to-date on servicing various vehicle computers. In fact, many dealerships are recalling vehicles for software issues. If there is a software or coding issue in your vehicle’s computer system (including items like air bags, transmission problems, emissions systems, and more), then your car can be unsafe and inefficient if it is not properly checked. Our team has the dealer tooling to do these updates for you and make sure your vehicle is safe and problem free.

Security Systems SDRM Registry

At Ambler Tire & Auto Service, we are also a vehicle security repair shop.S ome repairs cannot be done properly with out this security access. We can program immobilizer keys for your vehicle, whether you simply need an extra or even if all keys are lost.